September 23, 2017

Styling Decor Trays

Picture via @RedAcaciaLagos

Trays as decor accessories. Most wonder how best to use them, what to use them for.

Read on to see interesting ways to spice up your space using decor trays.


Follow the Season. We all love changing up our homes every once in a while. Nature's changing seasons and pieces like decor trays give us the excuse and the inexpensive tool to accomplish that. Come Christmas season and all the red, green, and shiny things come out to play. If you are the subtle decorating kinda person, and don't want all the shining rope-like Christmas trappings hanging off your walls, your decor tray is just the thing. Like the two examples below.

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Picture via Pinterest

Show your Life's Journey & Style Collection. Decor trays allow you to show off where you've been, your taste, and your style by giving you just the palette to display your life and Art through all those beautiful pieces you have collected over the years. Some of my more interesting pieces have come from South Africa and Kenya. However, I have seen some pretty interesting Nordic, Hausa, and Benin (Edo) pieces that could rock your coffee table. Oh yes. The example below shows this kind of decorating theme.

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Entertain Yourself and Your Visitors. Coffee Table Books are a big thing in decorating. However, they are not just beauty. They've also got brains - I mean - a purpose. Choose coffee table books that are interesting casual reads. When your visitor waits for you, they can keep them entertained. Coffee table book contents are usually great conversation starters - opened or not.


Don't Forget the Rules of Arranging your Decorative Objects

Decorate in Threes. Or odd numbers. If the surface is not big, 3 is a great number. If it's a much bigger surface - like a console top - larger odd numbers work well.

Layer the objects. They should be varying heights with tall, medium, and short representatives. Tip: You can place a decorative element on a book to increase its height.

Mix and Match the objects. Play with textures, materials, colors, and shapes to create a captivating outlay that interests the eye.

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