September 14, 2017

Home/Space Style Inspirations

They say style inspirations come from just about anything around us - colors in fabric, a painting, a picture, ...sometimes even a movie.

In recent times, I've found myself loving the decor and space styles in two series on Netflix. Two VERY different and distinct styles. The two series: (1) Resurrection Ertugrul and (2) House of Cards.

In the first, the style theme is more rich cultural patterns, colors, rustic-type wooden furniture. While the second, House of Cards, is more modern and austere, yet with beautifully balanced spaces (from a physical perspective), with the scene-setting crew being very detailed on centered scene takes with same elements on each side, same distance from a central piece. Watch them and notice.

This post today is on the Style theme in the Ertugrul series. We talk about why we love it in the video below.


Also, find below some spaces we collated that seem to have this creative, rustic, rich cultural and beautiful style - with a more modern take.