About Us

Hi. My name is June Anasiudu. You're welcome to Red Acacia Lagos.

Red Acacia Lagos was founded in 2013 as the answer to my quest for freedom from a 9 to 5.

This venture is a culmination of all of my life's experiences, travels, and passions, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be doing what I do! This platform and our offerings fuse together my passion for creativity, beauty, elegance and the thrill of gift-giving.

We named Red Acacia after the wood that was specified for the making of the Ark of the Covenant, and our logo reflects the colors of the rainbow; a reminder of the promise tied to the rainbow.

Please browse around, check out what we do, and yeah...shop!

Our products and services include:

  • Creating Wedding & Gift Bouquets, Floral Arrangements, Wreaths, Funeral Sprays.
  • Selling Florals, bouquets, vases, planters, décor, floral craft tools & supplies.