How to Create a Functional, yet Beautiful Reading Corner

September 01, 2017

3D Reading Nook by Red Acacia
3D Reading Corner Design by Red Acacia

One of the most relaxing ways to unwind after a long day in traffic, or a stressful workday, is with a relaxing read. Creating a serene reading corner is much easier than one thinks, and gives a room that peaceful mellow tone.

Here are some pointers on how to go about creating one, and a list of the components that need to be present to make your reading corner functional, yet beautiful.

  1. Find a good enclave within your space. A quiet unused corner or windowsill within your bedroom or living-room.
  2. Whatever you plan should blend in with the existing space in terms of color, theme, and style. But should be distinguishable in its function.
  3. The Essentials for a functional reading corner:
    • Good light: Choose a space with either natural light or a reading-appropriate lamp. Best to have both.
    • A comfortable seat with pillows, and possibly a throw/blanket (for those air-conditioned rooms, or winter regions). The seat choice – whether an armchair or a bench - would usually depend on the reading space you have chosen.
    • A holding place for your current books – like a basket or crate beside the chair.
    • A small end table beside the chair to hold incidentals
    • A book and décor storage system, like a bookshelf or floating shelves.

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Below are some inspirational reading corners to get your creative juices flowing:


Photo Credit: Houzz


Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit: Dwelling

Photo Credit: Kate Challis Interiors

Photo Credit: Red Acacia Lagos

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