September 17, 2017

The Importance of Mirrors in Interior Decor

Mirrors are an undeniably interesting form of Wall Art that add beauty within a space, and also functionality when used with purpose.


Mirrors produce the illusion of space - When you place a large mirror in a small space, the room seems to expand and look bigger than it actually is. A well-placed mirror helps to give the appearance of more space. Because it reflects the room, it makes you think that a room is larger than it really is. 

Picture Credit: Use of mirror to reflect the room making room seem bigger.


Source: @RedAcaciaLagos. When mirrors reflect a space, the space tends to look bigger.


Mirrors maximize a room's lighting. A mirror can enhance the lighting in a room. The mirror will reflect light from all sources, whether from the sunlight coming in through the window, lights from lamps, ceiling lights. This tends to increase the brightness in the room and improve the feel of airiness, again also adding to the illusion of more space.

Picture Credit: Depicts a well-placed mirror reflecting the sunlight and adding to the airiness of the space.


Mirrors adding Oomph to a room. Mirrors can be a focal point or a statement piece for a room. Mirrors are decorative accessories and if you select the right one, you can add take a room from eh to Ah!. The mirror becomes the focal point. The key is selecting the right mirror/set of mirrors.

Source carlaaston com. An example of a mirror being the focal point in a room and drawing the eye to it.


Mirrors as part of a Wall Gallery. As Decor, mirrors add a lot of appeal when used as part of a Wall Gallery in conjunction with other forms of wall art elements like pictures and sculptures.

Source: @RedAcaciaLagos. Mirrors as part of a Wall Gallery.

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