About Us


Here, we discuss what Red Acacia's Again & Bargain Store deals in, what inspired the idea, and the cause we have chosen to support.

  • Services: Design & beautify living and working spaces
  • Products: Décor, Kitchen, Furniture
  • Products: New & Second-hand treasures
  • Scope: Home | Offices | Estates | Hotels
The Store features a wide assortment of good quality, functional, and aesthetically beautiful items ranging from Organizers, Furniture, Garden/Outdoors/Patio, Kitchen items, and Décor. We attract collectors, the stylish, and the curious. There are two main collections: The "Again" Collection which sells gently used quality items, and the "New" Collection which sells new items.

Whether you seek the useful or the unusual, the Store has something for everybody, and at great bargain prices.

How the Idea was born: Founder’s Story
Years back when I got married, we were just a lower middle-class couple trying to make ends meet in Lagos. After our wedding ceremonies, we were faced with the task of furnishing our flat. Llife had so many other priorities. At the same time, we didn’t want to fill the house with cheaper, but substandard, items. In the end, we had to resort to furnishing the flat room by room, and sometimes, …well, we just had to make do with substandard.
Fast forward to a few years later. I found myself on a holiday trip to Sweden. My host took me to this uber-cool second-hand store where they had gently used, good quality furniture, home décor, et all. I kept wishing I had been able to walk into this kind of store back home, back then.

Years later, when I wanted to go into business, it just came naturally to me that I should venture into this area. The idea blended so many of the things that I enjoy: I love a good find, a good bargain, and creating solutions. Natural, simply natural.

Why we choose to support widows
Life should have a meaning, and does have.
Widowhood can be painful in Nigeria. This is aside from the normal trauma and pain that comes from losing your half and help. I remember once researching for a presentation on “Stress”, and understanding from a study that one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure is losing your partner, followed closely by caring for a sick partner. Imagine therefore having to cope with the death of a partner, having to contend with possible in-law brouhaha, and at the same time, trying to accept that life simply MUST and HAS to go on. The realities of children to care for, bills to pay, and so on.
God says He is husband to the widow. Sometimes He comes in supernatural ways. But more often, He works through us if we let Him. If He can use us to provide some relief to this hurting demographic, we are more than happy to answer that call.

To join us in this, please find out how.