We Have Moved to a Fully Online Store

Red Acacia's Again & Bargain Store has moved all selling activities online.This article communicates the thinking behind that move, and also seeks to answer some questions you might have. If your questions are not answered in this post, please send an email with your questions to janasiudu@RedAcacia.com or call +234 8034021794.


See you online!!


Q. Why did we move all our selling online?
A. We did an analysis and realized a major part of our sales is happening through our current online platforms. This wasn't so surprising given Nigerians' rising use of digital and mobile. In order to maximize our value to our customers, we are channeling more investments towards a winning customer experience in our most productive and highest-potential channels to better reach and serve our growing customer base.

Q. What if I want to view the product physically before I buy it?
A. For light-weight items, we can arrange for viewing at a location in Anthony, Lagos. For heavy items, viewing will be arranged by appointment at our warehouse located at Owode, Lagos. We make all efforts to ensure that our items are realistically presented on our online platforms with measurements to help you visualize them in your space.


Q. What are your online selling platforms?
A. We are available on the following online platforms:
Our online store: www.RedAcacia.com
Our Instagram Page: www.Instagram.com/RedAcaciaLagos


You can also order via phone/whatsapp: +234 8034021794.
We're working hard to ensure ALL our items are online on these platforms - so keep visiting to see new items showing up. AND as we continue to increase our online footprint, we will continue to keep you you updated.


Q. Our Social Media Channels
A: We are available to socialize on the following Social Media platforms
Instagram: @RedAcaciaLagos
Facebook: RedAcaciaLagos
Twitter: @RedAcaciaLagos