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Job Posting: Mar 11 2020.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Job Title: Online Store Assistant. 

Reports To: Creative Director.

Job Overview

This role:

  • Manages the fidelity of the Red Acacia online store(s): Monitors and updates stock, creates new product records.
  • Takes and edits product photographs for the Red Acacia online store(s).
  • Fulfills and packages customer orders.
  • Updates Point-of-Sale system with complete customer information, new products, sales records, received items.

Carrying out the above tasks successfully means the following:

  • All products in-store must be on the Red Acacia online store(s) and on the in-store Point-of-Sale system in correct quantities at all times. They must be correctly tagged and easy to find in their different search categories.
  • Orders must be packaged and ready for deliveries within specified timelines.
  • Our Zero Breakage policy for products in-house and in transit to our customers is strictly adhered to.
  • A logically organized and clean store is maintained at all times: It is easy to locate products, and work items.

This role is critical to the success and growth of the business. We are an online retail operation that ensures we offer a seamless and pleasing experience to our customers, from offering them different ways of viewing and envisioning our products; to easily ordering desired products; and receiving them. A great customer experience in all these customer touch points ensures a satisfied customer who will not only be a repeat customer, but will also tell others about us.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Online Store Assistant

  • Ensures the store is clean and organized.
  • Takes clear product photographs from different angles for our online store.
  • Modifies photographs and ensures they are against a stark white background.
  • Creates/Updates product records on our online store channel(s).
  • Ensures that products to be featured in the coming weeks’ posts are fully entered into the online store and updated on the social media calendar spreadsheet with the right tag information.
  • Get the schedule of deliveries for the day and package orders, taking care to properly package fragile items.
  • Maintain fidelity of our online and in-store Point-of-Sale system.
  • Ensure all products have physical product tags.


  •  Essential: Minimum Certification: BSc. Holder.
  • Two years prior experience in a retail operation working with a Point-of-Sale system.
  • Proficient in the use of Photoshop; must be able to edit product photos and videos.
  • Should know how to use Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Ability to think out-of-the box.
  • Should be a team player, with great interpersonal relationship skills, a great communicator, and a solutions person.

Interested? Send a mail with your CV and Portfolio to info@redacacia.com.