Red Wooden Hamper Crate/Box (ON ORDER)


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These hamper crates/boxes are ideal for personal, retail or packing environments and are a fantastic way to present any gift. Use them to present wine, Champagne, or celebratory bottles, toiletries, chocolates, fine foods, and more.
They can be used for any occasion - Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Anniversaries or corporate or personal hospitality.

  • The crates have great re-use value and can be used after the gifting purpose as storage for books, toys, magazines, clothing items, and more.
  • They can be used in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom.
  • Their elegant style and color add pizzazz to any living space.
  • Handle points make it easier to carry

They are red and come in the two sizes below (Please choose the right size from the Options drop-down):


Size 1: 13.5L x 11.2W x 8.5H inches for N9,050.
Size 2: 13.5W x 15.5L x 8.5H inches for N 11,000

Wholesale purchase available for this item. Minimum quantity for wholesale purchase is 5.
Wholesale price for medium crate is is N8,700 per crate.
Wholesale price for large crate is N10,000 per crate

Please select all options.

Size: Medium - 13.5L x 11.2W x 8.5H Inches