March 22, 2019

How a Meal Plan & Grocery List Keeps You in Control


“What are we eating?” had become a magnified PLUS Button on my stress level control. I was focused on so many things at the time and my stress tank had maxed out.

From the deep crevices of my tired brain, I’d decide on a meal, only for us to realize we didn’t have the prepping ingredients. In the middle of this stressful period, I’d have to add that to my growing URGENT To-Do List.

During this time, I had a 💡 moment. If we had a Meal Plan, I wouldn't be in this situation. Many people underestimate the power such a plan possesses to reduce stress, help you refine your grocery list, and contribute to a running home management budget.

More benefits of operating a meal plan include.

1. Reducing stress & increasing productivity. Knowing what's on the menu for the day means you don’t waste time deciding that through the day. Plus if you have a home assistant, she becomes more efficient in dispensing her duties, be it meal pre-preps or full meal preps – whatever works in your home.

2. Saving time, money, food. Like - you’d know the amounts of Soup, Stew, & Protein to bulk prep for the week. And just defrost when their time to shine comes up on the menu.

3. Helping you with a realistic Grocery list. You don’t buy too much, too little, or anything you don’t need.

4. Some might think it restricts your variety– but it does the opposite. In most households without a meal plan, families tend to eat the same meals repeatedly. Having a plan forces you to add variety & ensures you’re eating a varied (& hopefully, interesting) array of meals.

Want to see the meal plan & Grocery list I produced for our home?

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Remember though- there’s no right way to plan your meals- you just do what works for you foodwise, nutrient-wise, timewise. But whether to do it?- Very yes.

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