Mrs. U.'s Story: I Desperately Need a Home
July 04, 2017

Mrs. U.'s Story: I Desperately Need a Home

Mrs. U. lost her husband in May 2015 after a sudden medical emergency. She has four children in the age range 9 - 16 years, and works as a fashion designer. We first got involved with Mrs. U. through the program last year when Red Acacia assisted in paying her daughter’s school bus fare. Her daughter stood the risk of not being allowed to write her final secondary school exams had she not paid within a certain time limit – which had almost expired.

More recently (2017), we assisted again in rent beef-up funds to enable her move her young family to a new home and avoid eviction at their current residence.

In her words:

"On that fateful day in May 2015, I watched my husband who had just come back from work say he didn't like how he was feeling and immediately he told me to come with him to a nearby hospital. There, they said they didn't have oxygen to treat him. Immediately, we hailed a cab to help take us to another hospital. Before we got there, he passed away on my laps. His last words, which are forever in my heart, were, "JESUS HELP ME, JESUS HELP ME, JESUS HELP ME.".

The family shocked me when they took his corpse without me knowing, and to frustrate me, only buried him on August 7, 2015 (a clear 5 months after his death). In the village, they said all sorts of things about me, and humiliated me.

From then till now, none of them have ever called me to ask about me or our children. They left me to carry my burden alone since 2015. It has been God, my children, and I.

My challenges are:

  • The inability to pay house rent
  •  Not to pay my children's school fees (many atimes, they have stayed at home because of this).
  • My business - I wish I could start another more viable one.
  • A car, and
  • Emotional encouragement

Currently, I have been given quit notice to leave my house in March 2017."

Please contact us for Mrs. U.'s contact details if you are moved to help her further.