Mrs. S.'s Story - An Auto Repairman's Wife
July 04, 2017

Mrs. S.'s Story - An Auto Repairman's Wife

Mrs. S.'s husband worked as a mechanic in one of the many local roadside auto workshops on the Lagos Mainland. He had a wife and 3 children. He developed a Kidney problem in 2016 and unfortunately passed away.

By the time he was being buried, they were in dire financial need after having spent a considerable part of their savings and borrowings on dialysis and other related treatments/medications.

Mrs. S. works as an Ajoo official (money contributions/savings with fellow traders). She has three children aged 19, 16, and 12. The first attends OAU, the second just finished from Command Secondary School, while the third born is in JSS1.

Red Acacia assisted in helping Mrs. S. to finance school fees for one of her children for the term following her husband's death last year, and more recently (2017) assisted in meeting urgent financial needs related to the upkeep of the family.

Please contact us for Mrs. S.'s contact details if you are moved to help her further.