Mrs. Ekaette Mighty: Red Acacia Widow Program
May 05, 2015

Mrs. Ekaette Mighty: Red Acacia Widow Program

Early 2015. This is a Red Acacia Widow Program success story made possible by the kind donations of our partners – YOU! We don't request money – just your unused items. Please see here for how you can contribute.

My name is Mrs. Ekaette Mighty Thomas.
“I live in Oworoshoki Bariga with my son, Richard Mighty. I am a widow. I lost my husband when my son Richard was fifteen years old, at which time I was left to cater for my son and myself. My husband’s family took all our belongings, including those that I personally owned at the time. I was left with nothing. God Almighty has been with me and my son ever since. I was a hair dresser but I lost my shop because of the incident.

Mrs. Mighty’s son is now 38 years old and has struggled to get a job in today’s highly competitive job market. Though a Computer Science graduate from the University of Calabar, he eventually had to make do with a security officer/Supervisor posting with one of the Security firms in Lagos.

On the 14th of November 2014, Richard was on his way to report at his duty post when he entered a “Ritual Victim” or “One Chance” bus from Oshodi plying along the Oshodi-Gbagada express. On the way, he was attacked. Realizing the uncertain fate that awaited him at the end of the journey, he decided to risk his life and jump off the bus. He fell out of the moving bus onto the express. The bus ran over him and clean broke his leg in the hip region. He was helped by bystanders off the express to the side of the road unto a spot diagonal to our store.

From our store, our attention was drawn to the scene by the crowd that had started milling around him. When we realized the gravity of his injuries, we conveyed him to a nearby hospital where an X-Ray confirmed the fracture and the need for an emergency surgery to save his leg. He was referred to the Gbagada General Hospital, then to the Ikeja General Hospital due to power outage. From there, he was again referred to the General Hospital in Lagos Island due to lack of bed space at the Accidents & Emergency section of the Ikeja General Hospital.

Up until then, we had taken care of the bills for Richard. Due to the late hour at the point of transfer to the Lagos Island Hospital, we paid for a private ambulance to convey him from the Ikeja General Hospital to the General Hospital at Lagos Island, and also handed his mother funds to assist in his expected treatment/surgery. Richard has undergone surgery on his hip fracture to place rods in to aid in the bone repair process. He is currently on crutches awaiting his next checkup expected to happen on the 19th of May 2015.

In subsequent discussions with Richard and his mother, we discovered that she is a long-time struggling widow. In addition, she has lost her job due to the time absences required to attend to Richard. Due to these facts, and her continuing struggles with Richard’s treatment and other everyday expenses, we made the decision to convert this to aid from the Red Acacia Widow Program. Therefore we will not be receiving repayment from Mrs. Mighty Thomas and Richard. We wish Richard all the best in his recovery, and we’ll be keeping tabs to see how he progresses.

I thank God for the intervention that evening. If not, my son could have passed away that lonely night.

Richard is undergoing a long process to full recovery and is currently unable to work. Mrs. Mighty is tasked with the responsibility of catering to his medical and general living needs, as well as her own. If you are moved to assist them further, please reach out to us and we will make a direct introduction to Mrs. Mighty..